From City of Peace to Jerusalem

Trying to live in Jerusalem has always been a bit of a gamble. The ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Persians all cast lusty eyes on Jerusalem’s wealth. In the seventh century, Moslems invaded the “Holy Land” along with its city sacred to three faiths.

During the Crusades, Jerusalem changed hands often. After the knights of the First Crusade succeeded in breaking through Jerusalem’s walls, they massacred nearly everyone within them, regardless of religion, wiping out as many as 40,000.

Today, the Israeli and Palestinian states lay claim to parts of the city and Jerusalem’s bloody, violent history continues.

Since 1980, Jerusalem has been the base of the Israeli government, although all foreign diplomatic missions are based in Tel Aviv in accordance with a UN mandate.

Three major religions coexist in Jerusalem, which naturally leads to a multiplicity of opinions. Each religious group is split and subdivided into factions and sects. There are as many as a dozen different Christian splinter groups, the largest of which is the Greek Orthodox group. This diversity of belief should contribute to Jerusalem’s attraction, but, in reality, it too often leads to strife and violence. The incredible concentration of sacred sites draw visitors, religious or not, from all over the world.

For Jews and Christians, Jerusalem is the Holy City and the home of their faiths. For Moslems, Jerusalem is the third holiest city after Mecca and Medina. It was the destination of Mohammed’s miraculous trip to and from Mecca in a single night. Its Temple Mount is the place from which Mohammed ascended to, and returned from, heaven.

Three architectural styles
The Old City of Jerusalem was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. It is divided into four districts. The Armenian Quarter occupies the south-west, the Christian Quarter, the north-west, the Jewish Quarter, the south-east and the Moslem Quarter, the north-east.

The wall around the Old City was built on the order of the Ottoman sultan Suleyman the Magnificent in the sixteenth century.

Jerusalem’s treasures are so many that only a handful can be mentioned here. The most visited site is probably the Wailing Wall, a 400-metre-long section of the retaining wall of the terrace on top of the Temple Mount where Herod the Great built his great Jewish temple.

This temple was destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 CE. Important pilgrimage sites for Christians include the Via Dolorosa, the name of the path Christ walked on his way to the crucifixion, and the fourth-century Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

One of the most grand Islamic monuments is the Dome of the Rock. Erected on the Temple Mount over the place from which the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven, the Dome of the Rock is not a mosque. The remarkable Al-Aqsa Congregational Mosque, one of the largest and oldest in the world, is located nearby, also on top of the terrace of the destroyed Jewish temple.

More than a lookout
The Mount of Olives (Hebrew: Har Ha-Zetim) is a famous hill on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem. The ridge of hills is within sight of the Old City. The Temple Mount is actually higher than the Mount of Olives, which is just 809 metres above sea level. The Mount of Olives has great significance for all three major religions.

According to the Jewish faith, the Messiah will cross the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem before the Last Judgment takes place in the Kidron Valley. Moslems also believe the Final Judgment will take place there. For Christians, the Mount of Olives is inextricably linked to the life and death of Jesus. Today it plays a more practical role for many visitors, because its observation deck affords an incredible view of Old Jerusalem.

How Can You Avoid Serious Food And Water Borne Tropical Diseases When You Are On Vacation?

There are a number of serious diseases caused by contaminated water and food. Four of these major diseases are dysentery, which can precede traveler’s diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid, and cholera. These diseases are prevalent in third world countries, but people can contract them even in their own home town. Here is information that can help you lessen the odds of getting these diseases when you’re on a tropical vacation.

What precautions can you take to lessen the chance of contracting these serious diseases when you travel?

You should drink only bottled water when you are on your holidays. Make sure the seal of the cap has not been broken. If it shows signs of being tampering with, do not drink the water. In a number of third world countries, it is common for some street vendors, children, or restaurants to fill water bottles with tap water and offer them to tourists as authentic bottled water.

Ice cubes can be a major source of contaminated water. Unlike bottled water, there is no way that you, as a vacationer, can be sure the ice cubes were made from a safe, non-contaminated source of water unless the restaurant has an impeccable reputation. Therefore, you shouldn’t use ice cubes in your drinks unless you are positive the source of the water is safe.

When you’re on a tropical vacation you should avoid eating any uncooked foods like salads as they are another major source of these diseases.

How do people commonly contract traveler’s diarrhea?

Traveler’s diarrhea is usually caused by contaminated water or food, but it can also be caused by stress or a change of location when you are traveling. Some of the symptoms are gas, feeling nauseas, upset stomach, cramps and a liquid stool.

What can you do if you get traveler’s diarrhea?

You should drink a lot of liquids such as purified water and soda or pop to prevent dehydration. These symptoms usually pass within two or three days, however, if the symptoms persist or get more severe, you should seek medical help immediately as you may have one of two more serious conditions, bacteria, or amoeba dysentery.

What are some symptoms of dysentery?

A high fever, severe headaches, vomiting, stomach cramps, blood and/or mucous in the stool are the usual symptoms of both bacteria and amoeba caused dysentery. Both kinds of dysentery can be very serious conditions if not treated. You must seek medical help as soon as you can.

What are the differences between hepatitis A and B?

Hepatitis A is a very infectious disease that spreads through contaminated food and water (including ice cubes). Hepatitis B is spread in the same way that the HIV virus is spread, by infected blood or body fluids through sexual contact, a cut or break in the skin, or a transfusion. Both diseases have similar symptoms which may include headaches, fever, chills, feeling fatigued, stomach cramps, aches and pains, nausea and vomiting, a lack of appetite, dark colored urine and a light colored stool. Jaundiced skin and yellow whites of the eyes are also usual symptoms. If you get some, or every one of these symptoms you must seek out medical help as soon as you can. As a precaution, however, it would make sense to see your local medical health professional before you travel on vacation and get vaccinated against both of these diseases. Always keep in mind that your first line of defense is to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B before you traveling.

It’s advisable to find out from your local medical health authority if you should be vaccinated before your trip. Some countries you want to visit may require an up-to-date vaccination certificate. Even if they don’t require one, it still makes good sense to be vaccinated as hepatitis A is highly infectious. Hepatitis B may lead to AIDS. Both of these diseases attack the liver. There is a vaccination called Twinrix which protects you against both hepatitis A and B. You can find out more about this combo vaccination at

What can you do if you contract cholera?

Cholera causes diarrhea, which can lead to very severe dehydration and possibly death. This disease is transmitted through contaminated food and water. As immunization is not considered effective, you have to practice good hygiene.

How can you protect yourself from getting typhoid?

Typhoid is also transmitted through contaminated food and water. You should be immunized for typhoid if you are planning to travel to any country where the sanitation is poor.

Travel Tips for Cheap Airfare

Cheap air fare is the problem that every traveler faces-how and where to buy those cheap airfares online and what are the benefits in savings and drawbacks compared to buying the cheap airfares from the travel agent down the road. If you travel by air, you would already know that airfares cost typically forms the dominant chunk of your travel bill be it leisure or holiday. Every traveler would love it if they could just get those cheapest airfares.
You have to know the following tips before buying those cheap airfares online or searching for the best cheap airfare deal:

Do not waste your time on the websites that uses same computerized reservation system. It will give you the option of same airfares.

Remember that airfare pricing are determined by a variety of factors such as dates, seating, routes and their rules for cancellations, refunds or changes to the tickets.

Always book and pay quickly on a good deal. If you do see a good cheap airfare deal, book and pay for it quickly.

Always look for special discounts like for senior citizens or for children.

Comparison is the best ways to get the cheapest air spare some time to compare the fares.

Ultimately, to find those bargain cheap airfares, you still need to invest the time and effort to find them.

Here are few travel tips which can promise you a safe and a fun filled travel accompanied with cheap air fares.

Planning tips

Planning is the first and most important step taken before traveling anywhere. So do keep in minds the following tips.

You should buy your tickets under the same name as written in your id.
Select your seats according to your comfort. If you suffer from any disability or are pregnant inform your agent about your priorities to ensure a comfortable journey in the plane.

Double-check foreign document requirements. Some countries―like Chile, Kenya, and India―require a visa for entry; others, like South Africa, won’t allow entrance unless a traveler’s passport contains at least two blank, unstamped pages.

Packing tips

Carrying luggage has been a troublesome task to any traveler. Everybody loves to have vacation and .However when it come to luggage and other stuff needed to spend the holiday most of our faces grumble on managing them into our bags! Here are some helpful tips you can have to leave trouble out of your miserable packing experience.

You should be aware of the maximum luggage limit allowed before boarding.

Wear clothes like coats, jeans, boots and any other things that are thick and heavy this would reduce luggage space and weight.

Making a list of your luggage is a must have!

Buying things in your destination would greatly reduce the space of your luggage.

Pour Toiletries into smaller bottles.

Wear clothes with lots of pockets.

Remember to take all your necessary medicines.

Always carry disinfectant hand wipes and wet wipes, as they come in handy when traveling with children.

General tips

Apart from the above listed tips, you should also keep in mind the following guidelines
Ensure your immune system is in peak condition before traveling by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables prior to your trip.

When boarding the aircraft, make a mental note of all exits, and count how many seat rows you pass from the exit to your row.

If you plan to take a plane trip while pregnant, discuss it with your doctor first. Barring any problems or complications, your doctor will probably let you go.

Many savvy consumers and frequent travelers have discovered that timeshare rentals are the best bargain when you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay that won’t exceed your budget.

Know your airport’s code. It’s easy for luggage-destination tags to get mixed up at a curbside check-in. Learn the three-letter airport code for your destination

How Can You Lessen The Odds Of The Airlines Losing Your Luggage When You Travel?

It is estimated that more than a million bags are lost by commercial airlines each year in the United States alone. How much luggage that get lost in the whole world is anybody’s guess. Here are some tips that may help you recover your bags if they are ever lost.

Attach two or three tags with your name, home address, and phone number to the handle and the zipper-pulls of each bag that you are checking. There is less of a chance that all of the tags could get torn off during transit. You should make sure that you have removed any old airline tags that are still attached to the luggage you’re checking as they could confuse the baggage handlers.

Also, be sure to place the same contact information, including a copy of your itinerary and destination address inside all of your bags. That way, if they do go astray and are found in time, it is possible that they could be forwarded to your hotel.

If you can, pick luggage with preferably a bright or odd color that will stand out from all of the black and brown bags. Know the brand name of the luggage that you own and attach a colorful scarf or ribbon to the handle to make identification easier. Stick a few decals or a contrasting colored tape to all of the sides of the bags so they can be easier to see as it goes around the carousel. Remember these details, or even better, take a digital picture of your luggage just before you leave and bring it with you. This will also help the lost luggage airport staff in finding your bags if they become lost in transit and turn up at their office. It will also help if you have to make a claim.

It can help if you make a list of what you have in your luggage and carry that list in you carry-on bag. The chance of your checked luggage getting lost in transit increases when you have delayed, or connecting flights. Pack your valuables, including your laptop or Blackberry, travel documents, prescriptions, etc., in your carry-on luggage. It’s best to pack only the things you can afford to lose in your checked baggage. Analysts believe the airline industry’s problem of lost luggage is not going to go away anytime soon.

What should you do if the airlines lose your luggage?

Go immediately to the baggage claim office and file a claim. Many airlines have a twenty-four hour window of time starting from when your flight arrives to file and be eligible for compensation. You will receive a claim receipt to check the tracking of your luggage with the airline by phone, or on the airline’s website. Make sure you keep all your flight documents until the lost luggage problem is resolved.

How can you guarantee that your luggage will not be lost by the airlines?

There are some companies like FedEx, UPS or DHL, that can send your luggage in the U.S. directly to your hotel or street address for a very reasonable cost. If you’re staying at a hotel, your luggage will be taken to your room by a bellboy. When you consider that in the United States alone, over a million bags are lost by the airlines each year, this service is well worth considering. If you are planning to travel by air throughout Europe,, provides a similar service.

Parking at Manchester Airport: The Traveller’s Guide

Airport parking can be a huge hassle when going on a trip. At Manchester airport things can go really bad if you don’t plan ahead. Its one of the largest and busiest airport in United Kingdom so booking in advance is a must. Travellers have a lot of options when parking at Manchester airport. There are several airport parking companies ready to take your car to a secured place. Most of these parking companies offer the same services. The major difference will be its proximity to the airport and transfer time.

How to park

Parking in Manchester airport is easy when booking online. On the internet travellers will be able to easily find all the required information on the airport parking companies. Free quotes are also available for customers to be able to compare the best deals and find the most competitive prices.

Once they have booked their parking space, confirmation and directions will usually be sent through email. If you reserved through the phone at the last minute it will be sent through fax. The confirmation will be needed at the reception of the airport parking facility so it’s best to take it with you. There are also maximum sizes for vehicles so it’s best to read the conditions carefully. There are also facilities for the disabled.

All airport parking spaces are well guarded. They have surveillance cameras, patrols, well lighted and operate 24 hours and 365 days a year, some have undercover parking. Price of the parking space will depend on how long your vehicle will stay parked.

The first thing that travellers must take into consideration is the location of the airport parking company. Travellers can choose to reserve a parking space within or outside of the airport. All airport parking companies have buses or shuttles to transfer passengers to the airport after they have checked in their car. Most of them will require you to leave your car keys.

For less worry opt for chauffeur services, it may cost you more but it’s hassle free. All you have to do is give the chauffeur your car keys before your departure. They will be the one responsible to take you car into a secure parking area. Upon your arrival, they will be the one to collect your car and return it to you at the terminal.

Cheaper airport parking will require you do a bit more. Travellers will have to check in their car and be transferred to the airport. The usual discounts offered are 40% off.

Try and book at an airport car park that’s as close to the airport as possible. This means less transfer time. The parking must also be easy to find and close to the terminal you are going. Off airport parking may require more time for transfer but the ride is free.

Think ahead

Booking online is a very easy task. It only takes about 5 minutes any payments are made with a credit card. Transfer time can take as long as 15 to 30 minutes so it’s important to get to the airport earlier to be able to park your car. Parking at Manchester airport is easy as long as you plan ahead and book in advance. No matter how busy an airport is preparation is always the key.

Budget and Youth Hostel Travel for Today’s Traveler

People travel for all kinds of reasons, to have some time alone, or with a partner away from the stresses of every day life, for business, or simply because they enjoy traveling to experience different cultures, new things and enjoy meeting people.

The current global economy hasn’t stopped people from pulling on their travelling boots, it has just led them to look for alternative options that are affordable. As the public realize more and more that hostels and youth hostels are a viable means of accommodation to travel the globe, travel trends are changing and youth hostelling is becoming more popular with travelers of all ages.

Hostels are generally a good place to make friends, to meet people from different cultures and swap information on destinations, clubs, museums and shows. They are unquestionably the place for socializing and as guests in hostels are independent travelers there are ample chances to get to know other vacationers.

Despite their budget price and low reputation, there are lots of hostels that offer a high standard of accommodation and provide good amenities. Also as competition in the travel industry increases and hostels widen their target market, thousands of customers each year are opting for discounted, economical accommodation, and in turn this is causing the standard and reputation of these places to get better.

Most of the leading hostel booking companies have a rating structure that can assist the traveler in finding accommodation to suit their needs, it also encourages the hostel owners to keep standards high as their ratings influence the amount of business generated from the site.

There are plenty of budget hotel chains such as Travelodge, Ibis and Jury’s Inns and Hotel 81 chains, however many travelers still prefer to stay in hostels due to factors such as atmosphere, fun and the social experience of meeting other backpackers.

There are all kinds of hostels these days, city hostels are inclined to focus on the social characteristics of city life, and are a great source of information on city life. They are certain to be a lot noisier than a hostel in the country as they remain open 24 hours a day. A city hostel is perfect if you are travelling alone and looking for some company.

Country hostels are a totally different thing; mostly they are frequented by people who are there to do some serious walking or hiking. This means people are getting up early and sleeping early too, and enjoy the peace and quiet at nighttime.

Some hostels still maintain an age limit and give priority to younger travelers, in particular official youth hostels in Europe, but mostly these days’ hostels welcome guests of any age and some will even provide accommodation for families with young children.

The main difference in most hostels is the type of accommodation on offer. There are many that still offer accommodation in dormitories, or shared rooms. Dorms can be any size and for males or females only or mixed. There are normally private rooms also available and many hostels now provide private rooms with en-suite facilities.

The atmosphere in a hostel is completely different to your typical hotel. Whereas hotels only tend to provide their customers a comfortable place to spend the night, hostels have a social atmosphere which is often gained from sharing sleeping arrangements, dining areas and populating the on-site bar.

Hostellers are generally more interested in meeting other people than your average tourist, so you can quite easily find yourself with a new group of friends to explore the city together with. For many people who travel alone the majority of the time this can be one of the most enjoyable parts of traveling.

If you are searching for a hostel in Europe or a budget hotel then look online where you will find an extensive coverage of hotels, budget youth hostels, and bed and breakfasts. A youth hostel review will soon let you see that they have a lot more to offer than your average hotel.

Looking For The Real America

America represents such an overwhelmingly vast patchwork of often wildly disparate possibilities for the prospective visitor that deciding where to start really can be an intimidating prospect. In the end it probably comes down to what you want from your visit because this epic nation really does have it all.

The multiplicity of subcultures crammed into this vast land means that even a single state can offer as much variety as some countries can muster in their entirety. Take California, a state which contains within its boundaries such remarkable diversity, both cultural and physical, that a thorough tour taking in everything from the arid deserts of the south to the brisk, verdant terrain bordering Washington State might not feel too dissimilar to a round the world trip.

We’ve compiled a summary of three of our favourite cities in the hope of providing some sort of entree into this mind bogglingly varied nation:

Las Vegas
On visiting Vegas for the first time it quickly dawns on you that it really is exactly how you imagined it would be – a huge plastic tribute to American consumerism and shallow cultural simulation. Money is in gaudy evidence everywhere, from the quarters silver haired gambling addicts pump blankly into the millions of slot machines to the brazenly unsubtle displays of wealth favoured by the hordes of Prada clad nouveau rich to the stupefying excess of the casinos themselves.

Take The Venetian, a $1.5 billion casino/resort that attempts to recreate the streets of Venice, complete with a canal that winds through the casino and shopping mall and is (inevitably) traversed by singing gondoliers. There is surprisingly convincing mock Venetian architecture, a Titian-esque sky painted on the vast ceiling for that Truman Show fake environment vibe and a liberal sprinkling of Renaissance style frescos.

Whatever your take on the Vegas experience it’s hard not to be awed by the overwhelming spectacle of it all and, for a few days at least (anymore and you may find your grasp on reality is beginning to slip), there really are few more fun and exciting cities to visit.

Los Angeles
It’s probably foolish to attempt a succinct summary of LA and, likewise, highly unlikely that a short visit will do this sprawling collection very distinct districts any sort of justice. The clichés are easy of course – LA is LaLa Land, a city built on dreams and fantasy, where impossible glamour veneers an all too real underbelly of rough edges and disappointment , where Hollywood sparkle flickers seductively across a surface of smog and traffic that stretches out into a seemingly endless suburban mass.

Perhaps it’s best not to bother trying to deconstruct the ‘City of Angels’ thoroughly self mythologized image, for the tourist LA is most likely a more manageable section of metro area at the heart of the city – Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Downtown. The itinerary seems likely to include such quintessential LA sites as Hollywood Boulevard, mansion gawping in Beverly Hills, window shopping in Rodeo Drive, hitting a beach or two, a rambling drive along Mulholland Drive or up to Malibu and, for those anxious to cram in a little culture a visit The Getty Centre.

All this might not get you any closer to really understanding this chimera of a city but, hey, what do you expect, this is LA after all.

Washington, DC, the home of US government, is a fascinating city and a must-see for anyone interested in politics and the progenitors of American democracy. Many of the places of interest are free, including what must surely be the first stop for any visitor to DC – the White House. The tours operate every day except Sunday, and bookings must be made well in advance.

The Smithsonian is a remarkable achievement, comprising sixteen museums including the National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of Natural History, whose dinosaur and wild animal exhibits are a perennial favourite with children of all ages. As well as free admission, all of the Smithsonian museums are linked to the metro system, ensuring that budget travellers can still have a real experience in the city without spending too much.

The National Zoo is hugely popular with children, and is also linked to the metro. It’s newest addition, baby panda cub Tai Shan, is sure to be a huge draw for the Zoo – another attraction which the city offers free of charge. Washington DC offers a genuinely educational experience for all who come to visit.

Walking tour with

There is no doubt that walking tours offer you the most interactive touring experience available. This type of touring is one of the most popular and affordable means of sightseeing and no matter where you are visiting, a walking tour is most likely offered. Coast to coast, country to country, and continent to continent these walks will take you where you want to go.
Paris offers some incredible walking tour experiences. You will walk along the city streets taking in some of the oldest and most historic building the city has to offer. Take a walking tour through the many art galleries and museums. Paris offers museum goers such famous art as the Mona Lisa and Venus of Milo. Your walks through Paris will also offer you a chance to climb the Eiffel Tower. Constructed in 1889, this 324 foot high and boasts to be the tallest building in Paris. Once you climb through the incredible three levels, you will have a bird’s eye view of the city of light and the famous Seine River.
A walking tour of Sydney, Australia may be the tour for those who want to tour a beautiful country and a warm climate. Sydney offers many tours and walks around their famous city. Take in such sights as the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor. Take walks along the magnificent shores of Australia while holding hands with the one you love. A walking tour is a great way to experience this amazing country.
For those looking for adventure, consider one of the Nairobi Safari walks. This educational tour will take you to a former animal orphanage that has been turned into a diverse world of many animals. This walk will take you through Kenya’s national park where you will view a wide collection of wildlife including: antelopes, zebras, primates, white rhinos, and a variety of wild cats. It will be an enlightening experience for everyone.
Historical tours have always been popular, and a walking tour through Rome offers architectural beauty and history in one awe inspiring package. This customized private tour offers the tourist only the points of their interest. You won’t waste time walking through places of little interest to you, instead you will see all of the awesome sights you always dreamed of seeing, with a professional guide leading the way. Some of the sights included on this tour are the Vatican, St. Clements, and the catacombs. This tour is definitely worth your trip.
An increasingly popular type of walking tour is the ghost tours. The best of Prague ghost tour offers a 6 hour walk along the streets of the Czech Republic and includes lunch and a boat trip. Tour some famously haunted places such as Old Town, Charles Bridge, and Prague castle. You will surely find this ghost tour an educational experience. America has its share of haunting, and the walking ghost tour of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This tour will take you on walks through the heart of the town. You will hear stories of historic battles, murders, and hangings that took place in the streets and alley ways of this old west town. There are over a dozen apparitions said to wander these streets.
A walking tour will offer you a versatile excursion throughout any town. You will experience your vacation in the most personal way possible, and you will have a great time doing it.

Great value holiday with Air Flights

A great value holiday, combining both the holidaying fun-filled factor along with economical costs, is a perfect bargain. There are various online companies providing such services at different costs. it is sensible to choose from one which is tried and tested and is famous for customer is one of the prime sources providing cheap aero plane fares,buget holidays, car hires, airport transfers,accommodation,travel insurance and much more. Cheap flights and cheap holidays are one of the many specialties of this company. Cheap flights to places like Bodrum,flights to Cyprus, flights to Crete, flights to Dalaman,flights to Faro, flights to Fuerteventura,flights to Lanzarote,flights to Las Palmas, flights to Malaga, flights to Tenerife, and other such exotic locales are offered at low costs. Travel insurance is also sufficed for, along with any kind of promotional news or events related to the schedule of also allows one to use it’s option of air blog, where one can express his/her views regarding flying with this airlines. Cheap holidays offering all the perks of an expensive one with breathtaking locations are also a branch of this website. Holidays to Cyprus, holidays to Tenerife, holidays to Turkey, and the likes of such are offered at value for money budgets.

Value holidays to beautiful locations are the primary concerns of those travelling to such spots, as they usually come at steep prices. Tenerife in the Canary Islands are a much favored place, known fir it’s beautiful weather and natural beauty in outstanding proportions. For this reason, cheap tickets to Tenerife can be got all through the year. One is able to enjoy the typical pleasures of sipping wine under the moonlight and watch the world at his own pace here. Holidays in Tenerife can be got at affordable, with tourists pouring in to enjoy the deep blue waters, pristine nature or African sun. Holidays to Cyprus, known for its Mediterranean beauty and Greek architectural grandeur along with holidays to breathtaking Turkey are another two favorite holidays availed by flyers. Tickets are available at cheap rates throughout the year mainly due to the booming tourism in these countries. Also the holiday packages include all necessities such as travel insurance, sightseeing, hotels transfers, hotel stays, car hires, and meals and so on.

Flights to Bodrum situated along the Aegean sea offer cheap tickets primarily because Bodrum is a vacationer’s paradise.Bodrum has tremendous unspoilt beauty which is preferred by many tourist, and thus cheap holidays packages are in high demand, leading to cheap air tickets.Filghts to Dalaman are also chaep,mainly to it’s rich Turkish heritage sites, architecture and culture. Steeped in mountains and beaches, Dalaman is popular for holidaying and flights to this destination are regularly available at convenient rates. Flights to Faro, Portugal are also economical with stopovers at locals’ faro ports giving one a chance to expire the rich culture and tropical beauty of the place. Flights to Crete are popular due to its island destinations such as Chania which give an exquisite holidaying experience. Basking in the sun on the beaches of Canary Islands along with savoring the local, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables lead to cheap flights to Las Palmas.
Flights to Fuerteventura known for their pleasant weather and volcanic environment also give tourists a thrilling holiday experience at economy cost.

Flying With Pets – How Can You Keep Your Pet Safe And Healthy On Airline Flights?

If you have plans to fly with your pet, you are part of a growing trend that has been increasing for the last number of years. Most airlines will charge a nominal fee to allow your small pet to accompany you, if it will fit into a FAA approved pet carrier that is small enough to stow under your seat. The following important info can help you keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy on airplane flights.

When you book a flight, it is a good idea to make reservations for yourself and your pet as early as you can. You must inform the airline that you want to bring your pet with you. It is extremely important to tell them, as they will only allow a limited number of pets on each flight. Some airlines don’t allow pets at all, particularly on international flights. Always confirm your flight the day before you’re trip. If you’re traveling internationally you need to confirm your trip seventy-two hours before you fly.

Before you fly into the wide blue yonder with your furry travel companion, you need to take him or her a checkup at the vet, to make sure he or she is healthy enough to travel. You will need to take its health certificate with you, showing that your pet’s up-to-date on all vaccinations, including rabies. When traveling, your pet must wear its current vaccination tag. As well, your pet must meet health regulations of the country you’ll be traveling to. Bring a copy of your pet’s medical records along that lists its chronic medical conditions, allergies, and medications.

If you haven’t done this already, you should have your pet micro-chipped. That way, if your pet is lost and taken to an animal shelter or vet, where its chip can be scanned, both can be reunited. Keep in mind your pet’s identification tag will have both your home address and phone number on it. That won’t be of much help if your pet gets lost when you are on vacation. It may be a good idea to get another tag made up that has your destination address and phone number on it. What happens if you pet isn’t found until after you’ve returned from your holidays? It makes sense that you should leave both your home I.D. tag on your pet as well as attaching the new tag. That way you’ll have all the bases covered and stand a better chance of being reunited with your pet.

You should bring a photo of you pet with you when you travel. It will help you to prove you’re the rightful owner if any problems of ownership arise. Also, the photo can be used to make up a number of flyers that can be posted in the area where your pet was lost.

Flying with a pet that is too large to fit in a FAA approved pet carrier isn’t advisable as it will have to be stowed in the cargo hold. Putting your pet in the cargo hold can be very traumatic and dangerous to your pet’s health. It would make a lot more sense to leave your pet with friends, or a reliable pet sitting service when you’re on vacation.

The American Veterinary Medical Association advises against tranquilizing or sedating your pet when flying, particularly dogs. Dogs regulate the temperature of their bodies by panting, so if they are sedated, they may not be able to pant. If this should happen, it can leave them defenseless against any fluctuation of temperature and air pressure that occurs in the cargo holds of every flight. Keep in mind that pets don’t like flying, or being stuffed into a cramped kennel and left alone in a dark and desolate cargo compartment. It has to be terrifying for them.

There are a number of websites that give additional valuable information regarding traveling with your pet. Two outstanding sites are the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) at, and the Federal Government’s Department of Agriculture at, which has an excellent article entitled, Traveling With Your Pet.

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